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Welcome Hentai and Adult Cartoon Porn Webmasters to HentaiCashMachine!


Webmasters 50% initial sales Plus 50% rebills!

We are glad to announce the Hentai Cash Machine webmaster affiliate program. We've been online for over 6 years, developing and continually satisfying surfers all over the globe with our large hentai anime websites, jam packed with the features and quality we've learned hentai and cartoon porn surfers enjoy. This has lead to a very successful venture, and now we would like to share our sites with you.

We offer promotional access to 4 of our most successful hentai websites. These sites convert very well and have proven themselves of being the premier elements of our new hentai partnership program. It's a simple equation really: We provide the sites, do all of the in house work, you simply promote us using our banners, splash pages, free hosted galleries, and other showcased promotional tools, and you make 50 PERCENT of all the SIGNUPS and REBILLS you send to your anime porn partner sites!

We offer one of the most reliable third party billing available online! CCbill has been implemented to handle our hentai affiliate program's infrastructure flawlessly, so you know right off the bat that we're all about reliability and (most importantly) the deliverability of your checks. Simply sign up, browse through our multitude of various promotional tools, and you are on the way to making some nice cash! It's really as simple as that.


Adult Hentai Reactor
Adult Hentai Reactor

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Hentai Revolt

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Adult XXX Hentai


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Hentai Cash Machine is a hentai and cartoon affiliate partnership program - Start Making Hentai Money Today!

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